Beate Ruloff Event Consulting
Beate Ruloff Event Consulting
Since 1989 we have attended to over 130,000 participants in more than 130 national and international events. We especially wish to thank those customers who entrust us with the organization and conduct of their regular meetings and congresses year in, year out.

Here is an extract from our list of references:
1989 - 2006: a total of 27 seminars on urological function diagnosis
1991: 21. Annual Meeting ICS
1992 - 2008: 33rd to 49th congress of the South-West German Society for Urology
1992 - 2003: 4th to 15th GIH Annual Meeting
1993 - 2003: 40th to 44th / 46th to 49th conference of urologists in North Rhine-Westphalia
1993 - 2006: 45th to 58th congress of the German Society of Urology
2001: International Live Surgery Meeting on Reconstructive Urology
2001 - 2006: 43rd, 45th and 47th meetings of the Society of North German / Berlin Urologists,
since 2007: Nothern congress of Urology
2002: International Incontinence Society
2005: IPA congress
2005: International Spinal Cord Society Congress
2008: 1st Autumn Seminar of the Martini-Clinic
2004 - 2009: 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st congress of the German Continence Society,
since 2007: seminar of the research group on urological function diagnosis and women's urologys
2009: 27th Word Congress of Endourology Society